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Shape Your Blueprint – Only Use What You Need

by on September 1, 2015

 by Jens Dallmann and Daniel Straßenburg

Extendable Blueprint

The CoreMedia system will be delivered to customers with the Blueprint workspace as entry point for customizations. Technically it is a Maven project which aggregates core features in functional feature sets.  To represent a functional feature set an extension mechanism has been implemented. Each extension is self-contained and can be used out of the box.

In order to manage the set of extensions shipped with the Blueprint, the CoreMedia Blueprint Maven Plugin  was developed. This Maven plugin can be used to modify the extension set in the Blueprint workspace. In order to modify the extensions contained in the CoreMedia components, this plugin performs POM modifications, i.e. the feature set is determined during build time.

During developing the Blueprint at CoreMedia it is beneficial to be able to select a certain feature set during build time in order to build and deploy a system. Such a system can now be tested and it is possible to verify that given extensions can both coexist and run without undesired dependencies to other dependencies.

From a customer’s perspective management of shipped extensions can be helpful if certain extensions shall not be enabled because they are not required in a project. In this case, the feature of the extension shall neither be enabled in production nor the feature’s code base shall be packed or compiled during build time. In other words, removing an extension is a relevant use case if projects are based on a feature-rich initial workspace.


The modularization brought out two important facts:
1. Features building upon an extension must be removable as well. Otherwise the removal of the underlying extensions might break the build due to unresolvable dependencies. Those features are designed as extensions as well in order to make them removable.
2. The Blueprint contains example data in the form of example CMS content. Some example data belong only to a specific extension. Importing these example data if an extension is inactive can lead to errors during import. To avoid this, the example data is partitioned and the assembly process is designed in a way that only content from enabled extensions is considered.

Example of Use: Removing a Certain Extension

An extension is identified by its extension descriptor. The extension descriptor is a Maven POM which is part of the extension and it contains the dependency management of the extension’s modules.

The extension descriptor is used to enable or disable the extension in the Blueprint. An extension is enabled if the extension descriptor POM is imported into the dependency management of the Blueprint project.


The CoreMedia Blueprint Maven Plugin can be used to remove this extension. In order to do so, the remove-extension goal has to be executed. The extension to remove is referenced by the parameter “coremedia.project.extensions”. This parameter describes the Maven coordinates of the extension descriptor.

In the above example, the Maven call to remove an extension would look like

mvn com.coremedia.maven:coremedia-blueprint-maven-plugin:remove-extensions -Dcoremedia.project.extensions=my-extension

The notation my-extension is a short version of com.coremedia.blueprint:my-extension:1.0. Maven allows to omit the groupId and version if it is identical to the current ones of the project.

The result of this call is a Blueprint workspace with modified POMs in the extension-config module as well as in the root pom.xml file. The extension has been removed.


The extensible design of the Blueprint workspace enables developers to create extensions which are loosely coupled. Every extension is self-contained and brings required logic and data.

The Blueprint itself is released with numerous extensions. Users are able to select only those extensions they want to deploy. Other extensions can be removed by using the CoreMedia Blueprint Maven Plugin. This opportunity avoids dead code maintenance, reduces build time and allows you to shape your Blueprint to your needs.


CoreMedia Blueprint Maven Plugin

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