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CoreMedia Photowalk

by on November 13, 2014

Some photo enthusiasts at CoreMedia  formed a photowalk group that is called „Boring Photos Questionmark“. The question mark stands for “no-boring photos at all”! Some of our results are published on our group page in Flickr.
During our photowalk we do not snap everything. We have special topics which we try to express by images. For me it’s very interesting to see how my colleagues look at the perspectives, their methods, their techniques and their final results. Together we learn different camera movement techniques such as panning shot, where you rotate the camera on its horizontal/vertical/diagonal axis in order to keep a moving object in view while the rest of the scene is blurred. For the night photography we use the time exposure made by leaving the shutter open a relatively long time. The moving elements such as the lights of cars for example become drawing lines while the rest of the scene stays sharp.

Even without a camera we spend our time with knowledge sharing sessions such as Lightroom functions or portrait photography. For the next walk we are planning to visit the very interesting photography exhibition “100 years of Leica”.

Beside that, our photowalks are a special social event with lots of fun, where we share our experiences, skill improvements and knowledge.


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