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My internship at Coremedia

by on May 23, 2014

In the course of 8th grade, one is supposed to do an internship. I am very interested in programming and also coded on my own before, so I wanted to find out how this works out in large companies and if it fits my interests and the image I had.
Eventually, I was taken in by Coremedia’s Product Center.
As good as this sounds, I originally searched for a spot at one of Hamburg’s numerous companies producing games. However, none of them were eager to take inexperienced trainees, so I decided to publish a blog post addressing anyone working in the IT business in search for an internship. Martti was the one who answered and took me in along with another applicant.
Over the course of two weeks, we were introduced into the teams and not only did we learn about their work, we also got our own task, closely related to their work which gave us a very detailed insight into programming with HTML and JavaScript.
The employees received us in a very friendly and open manner and were eager to help if needed. We were treated as coworkers and Martti used a lot of time to help and coach us in the process of coding our application.
It was great to be at Coremedia AG, as a trainee I learned a lot about the used IT languages and the overall work ethic. At the same time as being very informative and funny, it was still exhausting at times, especially when we were stuck with a task. To conclude, as this was supposed to help us in determining whether working in this industry fits our interests, we definitely think that it helped to be here at Coremedia AG. I can imagine myself working on IT in the future.

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