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Phantomjs crashes in CI

by on February 26, 2014

Lately, we were facing many failed builds because of phantomjs crashing when executing our joounit tests. Grepping through the build logs did not give us much information. All we found was:

[WARNING] PhantomJS has crashed. [...]

Phantomjs did not do us the pleasure to crash when executing the same tests, not even when testing the same modules. In most cases, phantomjs did not even crash When running the next build. Fortunately, there are many others out there facing similar problems, see, for example. Using the reproducer given in that issue, we can derive a wrapper script to automatically retry the tests a few times. We can now replace the phantomjs executable by a wrapper script that evaluates the exit code of the phantomjs like this:

until [ ${RET} -eq 0 ]; do
  ${BIN} $@
  RUN=$(($RUN +1))

# exit immediately after max crashes
  if [ ${RUN} -eq ${MAX} ]; then
    echo "got ${RUN} unexpected results from phantomjs, giving up ..."
    exit ${RET}

# allowed values are 0-5
# see
  if [ ${RET} -lt 5 ]; then
    if [ ${RET} -eq 1 ]; then
      echo "phantomjs misconfigured or crashed, retrying ..."
      exit ${RET}
    echo "got unexpected return value from phantomjs: ${RET}. Retrying ..."

Fortunately, we have set up the joounit phantomjs runner to use exit code 1 only in the rare case that it is completely misconfigured, so any other valid test outcome, e.g., timeout, is still captured correctly.

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