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Get Insights from Outside the Box

by on April 26, 2013

CoreMedia AG and etracker have the idea  to learn from each other how the processes in software engineering are performed, what differences in culture and team work can be found and much more. We want to generate insights to see the pros and cons of different approaches. Typically you only get this information when people are changing their job. But then they are gone, they are no longer available for questioning. Also employees have to leave to broaden their experience.  So why shouldn’t we be able to organize such an information and experience exchange where everybody is a winner and no one loses?

Last week we started an exciting experiment. Let’s imagine, you switch the working place with somebody else for a limited period of time. Working in another company for some weeks, gaining new experience with no risks, knowing you will return after a while to our well-known and loved working environment. Sounds unrealistic, like a dream?

But it is not. Of course, there are many impediments before such a project may start. First of all some legal aspects have to be clarified. For example: What about the risks of sharing intellectual properties? What if an employee likes the intermediate job much more than his regular one and wants to change permanently? What if the exchange program will be misused as a recruiting opportunity? What about health care in case of an accident?

It took some efforts but finally we found a way to handle all these aspects in contracts between the two companies involved.

After all these preconditions were fulfilled, we were able to start the project. We made an announcement that we are looking for candidates to participate in an exchange program. Experienced developers who have been working with us for at least two years were asked to submit an application. Finally we selected one candidate from each company and after a kick-off meeting we started the experiment.

Currently, a software engineer from etracker is replacing our engineer for three weeks. She joins the team and is encouraged to participate as much as possible in regular team work. As we are practicing pair programming and the technology stack is similar it took just a few hours to enable her to bring in her skills in an effective way. She is participating in our scrum meetings and already made her first commits to our repositories.

We will continue to report our experiences.

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  1. Ich bin sehr gespannt auf den weiteren Verlauf. Ein solcher Austausch war schon lange Teil meiner Vorstellung der Weiterentwicklung insbesondere junger Mitarbeiter (siehe auch ).

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