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Joala: JUnit Framework available at Maven Central

by on March 12, 2013

Joala-Logo-Black_160With Release 1.0.1 the JUnit Framework Joala is available at Maven Central. Joala got introduced on the XP-Days 2012 in a session called Entwickler gut beraten: UI-Tests die Spaß machen.

The key modules and concepts of Joala is BDD support within JUnit and a concept of waiting called Joala Conditions. The latter concept we especially use for our Selenium WebDriver tests for our Rich Internet Application CoreMedia Studio.

The BDD concept introduced in Joala solves the problem of self-documenting tests while not relying on sidecar artifacts like extra text files for story descriptions but instead embedding the story right as plain java code into the test classes. Having this we greatly enhanced the maintainability of tests. And we even convinced our JBehave fans with the new concept.


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