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Design of Test Categories

by on September 3, 2012

Just in case my dreams come true that one day you can tag tests (also known as to apply categories) here is an first example of test categories which seem useful to me. This category tree got created while I was Experimenting with JUnit Categories. But because neither JUnit nor Maven Plugins like Failsafe or Surefire provide an API which is rich enough to choose for example all stable, fast running Web-UI tests running on any browser I skipped implementing them as categories.

Tree of Test Categories Proposal

Note: While the map does not denote a dependency between the runtimes my initial design was that for example if you choose all tests running within seconds also includes tests running within milliseconds.


To read more about on test types you might want to read:

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  1. Martti Jeenicke permalink

    Update: 2014/01/10: We had to remove an external link.

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