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Arlo Belshee: What makes a good test suite? – Summary

by on August 29, 2012

The last post regarding  Arlo Belshee‘s question What makes a good test suite? You might want to read my answer and the more detailed summary, too.

So having read through all answers quoted by Arlo I think this summarizes it best… also trying to give some priority derived from how often these criteria got mentioned. All of them refer to automated testing. Only Markus Gärtner gave a detailed description what a good manual test suite is about.

So to quote the question:

What are the characteristics of a good test suite?

  1. Fast: If I did not miss anything this is what actually all answered. Some defined the limit in minutes others even in seconds.
  2. Easy to read: Focused on the body of a test method it must be easy to understand the purpose of the test.
  3. Robust: Obviously many have made bad experiences with flaky test results which actually will lead to distrust the test.
  4. To the point: A good test suite obviously is not the result of capture & replay of a complete workflow. It’s tests rather focus on one point and thus should only contain one single assertion.
  5. Safety net: It encourages developers doing refactorings thus keeping agile – as they know there is a safety net.

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