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Arlo Belshee: What makes a good test suite? – My Answer

by on August 29, 2012

I just stumbled across an interesting post by Arlo BelsheeWhat makes a good test suite? He asked this question to several people (he did so not letting them know what the others answered). The insights are very valuable and perfectly match with the experiences I made.

Who am I: I guide and support our Scrum Teams in the development department regarding the aspect of quality assurance. My main focus is (Web-)UI testing – which I think is the most challenging part when it comes to terms like robustness and maintainable tests. Each developer in the teams is adviced to write tests – ranging from basic unit tests to Web-UI-Tests.

Having read the several statements Arlo collected and taking my experience with testing in the past years, my answer is (focusing on automated testing):

  • Good test-suites help developers to trust the code and their changes.
  • Good test-suites match the gut feeling of experienced developers about the quality of the product/release.
  • Good test-suites are created when developers state: It was fun writing this test. And this incorporates things like that a good test-suite is written in a language well known to the developers.
  • Good test-suites can run anywhere: Within your CI Build, from your developer’s command line and from within the IDE.
  • Good test-suites don’t cause headache for developers looking at them 10 years from now.
  • Good test-suites are a specification of things you don’t want to change. And give freedom to things you might want to change.

The statements Arlo collected match to this perfectly well and I really recommend reading them all as they also mention many dos and don’ts for good tests and test-suites. See my more detailed comments in the next blog post and a summary of what I have read.

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