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Online Mindmapping Tools: Mindomo

by on June 7, 2012

Yesterday I compared some online mindmapping tools. My overall conclusion was that Mindmeister is still my favorite one because of its ease of use while “dumping your brain”.

As response of my tweet announcing this blog post I got a reply by @mindomo:

Have you tried Mindomo mind mapping?

No, I didn’t. But I promised to check it – and that’s what I am doing now. And I will do a more thorough check – just I like I would do it for QA purpose. So let’s start.

Mindomo QA

I am starting with Mindomo using the German locale. Just to note because one report is a translation issue.

  • Registration: Possible to register, to use Facebook, Google or Yahoo log in
  • Technology: While Mindmeister uses HTML5 and the Canvas Object Mindomo relies on Flash. Fits to the concept that you can also run Mindomo as Adobe Air application locally installed on your computer.
  • Import: Mindomo has some nice import options. Including Mindmeister. But: From the “Filemanager” which is where you start there is no option to import an existing mindmap. You first have to create a mindmap to be able to import it through a menu bar – and then you will have two mindmaps.
  • Information Loss – nearly none: On import from Mindmeister you only lose some information. Special settings were an internal link which got imported without problems, notes which even kept their formatting and icons assigned to nodes… Well not all of them. Mindomo failed to recognize the icons from the Silk Library.
  • Localization issues: The first I found was when creating a new map. There was a checkbox labeled “Map anzeigen Das in den öffentlichen Ordnern”. Trust me, this does not make sense at all. Labels are truncated because the length is not recognized “Speichern im Or…”. There are also other examples. To be honest: The translation is that bad at some points I wished I had a button to switch to English.
  • Node Icons: The base set of icons for Mindmeister is 98. With additional 200 icons as Silk Icon set. Mindomo only knows 54 icons.
  • Image Library: Ok, in contrast to Mindmeister which offers a library of 50 images Mindomo comes with a great set of about 200 images.
  • Export: Export is possible as image, PDF, MindManager and FreeMind file and some more. But! It is a premium option only. So once you created the map in Mindomo you are lost. There is no way to get it to another mindmapping software. That’s a major flaw compared to Mindmeister where it was a piece of cake just to use the same map created in Mindmeister also in Mindomo.
  • Context Menu: Not available – unlike Mindmeister. Instead you have to click a small icon at the border of a node.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: There is a nice overview of available shortcuts. And to make it short: To me they feel great and meet my expectations.
  • Free Topics: You can insert multiple “free topics” – actually new mindmaps in the mindmap – inside the mindmap. Later you can choose to drag and drop that free mindmap as subnode. Or you can take a subnode and drag it with Ctrl pressed to make it a free topic (actually I did not find that in the online help).
  • Workarea: The workarea of Mindmeister and Mindomo is comparable and sufficient. Mindomo provides a full screen mode for Mindmeister it’s up to your browser if you have a “kiosk mode” (F11 as shortcut most of the time).
  • Grouping Nodes: Unlike Mindmeister Mindomo can create borders around a subtree to group the nodes inside. Sometimes I like this option if maps get more complex.
  • Costs: 3 Mindmaps are free on Mindomo.
  • Costs: 4.34 EUR/Month (5.42 USD/Month (for one year))


So what’s my rating compared to my previous recommendation about Mindmeister, Mind42 and Spicynodes?

Mindomo plays in the same league as Mindmeister also regarding the price. But because of the missing export options for “interesting formats” such as PDF, other Mindmapping tools in the free version you have to decide real fast if you want to get premium or not.

After all I think Mindmeister is a little ahead of Mindomo. And I like the pluginless approach of Mindmeister much more using HTML5.

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  1. but i think mondomo have more customization tools … i think that because of flash

    but there was a problem for localization and pdf exporting in arabic also

    mindomo.. keep going … i think you will dominate

    thanks Mark you are good QCA

  2. Hi, Mark! Too bad we didn’t see the review at the time you wrote it. Since then we shifted to HTML5, added many new features and updates, and also improved our German translation. We just released a new feature called task mind map –
    If you’ll give Mindomo another try, we’d love to hear your feedback.

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