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BDD for CoreFoos: CoreMedia Foosball App Stories

by on April 27, 2012

Foosball Table at CoreMedia

Hackathon 2012 – two great days at CoreMedia have passed.

I participated in the CoreFoos Team. Our task: Develop an app to solve our biggest need:

When can I start my match at the foosball table?

Many frustrated foosball players told us of their pains. And on the final presentation on Friday they all voted for us – and the winner of the challenge cup is: The CoreFoos-Team!

We split into many small teams. Ranging from UI and Interaction Design over to the Client Application and of course the Server. And as my passion is quality assurance I wrote a bunch of BDD Stories to automatically test the application with JBehave and Selenium WebDriver.

If you are interested in the stories we created you can find all of them at DropBox.

Story 1 is ready – many others prepared. It was great to be part of the team!

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