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Analyzing Java Threaddumps with TDA – Thread Dump Analyzer

by on December 14, 2010

(This blog post is a re-post of an older post which you can find here)

Today I got a bunch of threaddumps to analyze some with 100k of lines. So I was glad that I found TDA – the Thread Dump Analyzer. It’s a great support for analyzing the threaddumps:

  • You can start the whole thing via WebStart.
    I downloaded the JNLP and adjusted the memory setting as with so many threaddumps I reached OutOfMemory very soon. Default is 512m.
  • You can sort “Monitors” by the threads waiting for them – critical monitors are even highlighted with a red background (threshold seems to be around 10 waiting threads).
  • Clicking on the Dump-Nodes in the tree will show you a good summary of the current state.

I only experienced one problem: On initial startup the three-pane-view is not opened correctly. It only showed the threaddumps tree and the summary pane. Workaround: Open one of the dumps and click on the “Monitors” node inside a “Dump” node and see the slightly hidden separator appear to the right of the window. Just slide it to your needs and you have your 3 panes. Actually this might be a Java6 issue.

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